Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples

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Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples         

Welcome.  Until Florida allows same sex marriages, same sex couples can accomplish many of their goals through traditional estate planning. Couples can provide for and protect each other with the use of Health Care Directives, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Trusts and HIPPA releases.

Such documents also serve as a statement to family members, of the plan and desire to treat each other as married spouses. If your partner becomes ill, a fully executed Health Care Surrogate will allow you to make medical decisions on his/her behalf, and the included HIPAA release will authorize your partner’s physicians to discuss your partner’s medical condition and treatment plan with you. A Durable Power of Attorney, will legally authorize same-sex couples to handle each other’s  legal, business and financial affairs. Same-sex couples can be protected and obtain spousal status with this properly executed documents. Registering with the county and city as domestic partners is also an option.

Children of same-sex individuals and couples can be protected via the use of a pre-need guardian for minors’ document.

Diane Zuckerman Esq. can assist in preparing documentation to provide legal protection and peace of mind.

Hopefully the law in the state of Florida will change soon, and all couples, will have the rights afforded by marriage alone.